Welcome to A Jot and A Journal! It’s my hope that you’ll find encouragement and maybe even a laugh or two in the stories and poems that I write. I come from a long line of writers.  My great, great grandma was a published hymn writer, and my grandma, although unpublished, was an awesome poet and writer also. It’s my honor to carry on the family legacy with my own writing. Writing about our faith and the goodness of God has also been another common denominator in my family, and it’s my belief that no matter what we face in our everyday lives, true joy and happiness comes from the Father above through Jesus.

I live in the suburbs in Michigan with my husband, two young adult children, and two persnickety cats. Most of my time is devoted to my family, but I still find time to write and take photographs. At a very young age my mom taught me how to sew and make my own patterns, so sometimes I’ll share an easy tutorial or give some tips and reference materials. I love to bake, listen to Christian music, and watch old crime drama series from the 70’s and 80’s. Maybe my middle name should be Quirky.

I’ve tried to give up writing and poetry a few times but I always come back to it.  And not just any poetry, but rhyming poetry. How out of style of me. But it’s also a part of me that I’ve decided to embrace.

May God bless you,


A Jot and A Journal

I jotted a jingle
And felt a jibe
Seated in my soul
Surrounding every side
A calling commenced
Compelled to coincide
A jolt of jargon
A journal justified