Baby Jesus

Colorful lights twinkled brightly on the Christmas tree standing tall in the living room shrouded in dusk. A little girl in her pajamas walked to the big picture window and saw huge snowflakes coming down outside. The moon shone brightly against the dark sky and she shivered at the icy frost covering the edges of the window. She felt the stark contrast of the cold outside and the warmth inside as the fire crackled in the fireplace and cast a glow throughout the room. An old record player sat in the corner filling the room with the sound of a choir singing Silent Night.

She turned to look at the Christmas tree and her eyes rested on the nativity scene nestled under the branches. It was a large set of painted plastic figures, but they came alive in her imagination. Mary and Joseph were watching over baby Jesus lying in the manger. Shepherds with their sheep watched in awe, and three wise men were presenting special gifts to the King.

The girl was drawn to baby Jesus. She carefully picked Him up and wrapped Him in her doll blankets. Then she gingerly placed the baby in her doll stroller to go for an evening walk. Around the living room, dining room and kitchen, she showed baby Jesus the entire house so He would feel safe there for the night. Then she took Him back to the Christmas tree and carefully placed Him back in the manger.

The next morning, she woke up excitedly to presents under the tree, but before presents were opened her dad opened his Bible to the book of Luke and read the story of the greatest birth that has ever happened on this earth. God coming to earth as a baby. The girl listened intently as she watched baby Jesus snuggled n her doll blankets in the manger. It was the best story she had ever heard.

The Savior has come.

Emmanuel, God with us.



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