The poetry of Renee Carr

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    Knock It Out of the Park

    There are those around me Who say it isn’t possible “It’s too hard” “It isn’t in the cards” But those excuses are just plain arguable They say it’s better to play it safe And only a few survive They think I should be more practical They have no faith that I’ll ever arrive I’m going to knock it out of the park I’m going to give it my all I’m going to reach for the sky I’ve got nothing to lose No more thinking small Why do you even care How I spend my time? It isn’t you I have a dream to pursue And I never even asked to…

  • Poetry

    Gifts From Above

    I made a list and I checked it twice It contains what I love and it’s very precise The things I’m thankful for are both big and small And knowing God tops them all He gives me good things to enjoy while I’m here So I wrote down a few that to me are dear Everyone’s list is a little bit different Making everyone special is just plain brilliant So celebrate what’s important to you And give thanks to the One who makes it come true Everything that I love Is a gift from above Having my family all together And also time alone Piecing together a complicated puzzle And…