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Unlimitedness – the state or quality of being infinite

boundlessness, immeasurability, inexhaustibleness, infiniteness

Wouldn’t you like to look at your life based on what happens when God shows up? God gives one of His longest dialogues in the book of Job. Have you ever wondered exactly what God was telling Job? He’s basically saying the He’s more unlimited than Job can even imagine. Bigger than infinity. Let’s take some time to focus on what happens when God comes on the scene.

A Simple Summary of the Book of Job

God calls Job a righteous man and has blessed him with all of the good things this life has to offer. After God has a conversation with Satan, God gives Satan permission to go after Job, but He won’t let Satan take Job’s life. Job endures terrible suffering and loss at the hand of Satan, and Job’s friends come to stay with him through his suffering. Together they try to figure out the cause of all of this suffering. His friends decided that Job had done something wrong to deserve the suffering, but in the end God was very clear that Job’s friends had it all wrong. It wasn’t about Job. It was about God. When Job finally understood God’s message, God blessed him again, and the blessings were even greater than before his suffering.

About This Series

This 6 part series is about becoming aware of God’s unlimitedness. It takes a practical approach and is free of denominational bias. It’s for the average Christian to jumpstart a life of seeing a truly unlimited God, and having a mindset of God’s unlimitedness.


  • If you haven’t read the book of Job, I would recommend that you at least skim through the book to become familiar with the context.
  • There’s also a PDF of each part for your convenience. The PDF version is available by clicking the link at the bottom of each part.

Let’s get ready to see exactly what it means to see God as completely unlimited!